Assateague Island, December 2005

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Snow Goose

We visit Chincoteague and Assateague Island most years between Christmas and New Years.  We did so in 2005 but only for a short visit.  We arrived early Thursday morning and left Saturday morning.  It rained in the morning and was gloomy all day.  Friday, though, was gorgeous. We walked the wildlife loop and then realized the service road was actually open so we walked it too.  That was about 11 miles when we finished.  Probably a bit much for no more hiking than we do.

We stayed at the Waterside Motor Inn.  Nice folks and a pleasant walk into town.  The view from the terraces offers some very nice views over the bay. You can see some of the sunsets in the pictures.

These pictures are here so I can show them to some friends.  They have also been added to the other picture albums as appropriate.