Assateague Island Scenic Pictures

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Assateague Island presents many opportunity for photographers.  So many, in fact, that these are broken up into three categories.  All pictures are from the Virginia part of Assateague Island and are separated by Assateague Island Wildlife Loop, Assateague Island Scenes and Assateague Island Beach Scenes.

Click on this image or a link above to see the pictures.Assateague Island Scenes shows scenery from around the island.  These may be from along the road or the service road that goes north towards Maryland.  Many of them are of Black Duck Pool and Shoveler Pool.  Beach Scenes and Wildlife Loop pictures are actually Assateague Scenes too but I kept them separate.


Click on this image or a link above to see the pictures.Beach Scenes is just that.  Many of these are taken from a camera lifted by a kite to give an aerial perspective.  Some of these are old and still show the bath house at the beach.



Click on this image or a link above to see the pictures.The Wildlife Loop pictures show the various pools and scenes around this 3.5 mile walk.  You can see some of the wildlife and get a sense of what Snow Goose Pool and Shoveler Pool look like in the summer compared to the winter.