Assateague Island, May 2006

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New Foal

Its May, 2006 and its time to get away from DC.  We loaded the kayaks on the car and headed for Chincoteague.  We planned paddle one day and hike another.

When we went out Friday morning, it was chilly and windy.  The wind got stronger during the day.  We decided that was to be a hiking day.  Paddling in that much wind is too  much like work.  We walked up the service road that runs North from the Wildlife Loop.  Most of the trip was pleasant.  In places where we were protected from the wind, there were swarms of mosquitoes.  That wasn't quite as nice.  When we got to the area past the cattle guard, where there is water all around, there were a few ponies around.  I think there were 9 ponies and 4 foals.

Saturday was kayaking time.  It was still pretty windy but we went anyway.  We headed out towards Tom's Cove but didn't expect to get there.  We saw a few ponies along the way and got some pictures of them.  We saw a flock of skimmers on the beach with Oyster Catchers.  It isn't easy taking pictures from a kayak in the waves but I tried.

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