Assateague Island, December 2006

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Blue Heron

This December we made our annual trip to Chincoteague and Assateague Islands.  Its become kind of a traditional thing.  We stayed at the Hampton Inn Suites for the first time in a while.

The weather was great.  As a result we got out and walked too much.  My legs still hurt.  We made it all the way up to see the Northern Herd.  I'm not sure the 5 ponies we saw are really a herd though.  One was a little beggar.  He quit munching on the grass and came straight at me.  When I moved, he changed direction and kept coming.  He wasn't a problem but he was pretty sure I'd feed him something.  He was wrong.

There are new condos going in where Captain Fish used to be.  There's still more places going in beside the Waterside Motor Inn.  The town still feels the same but the changes have started.  The Chincoteague Inn is still open.  This was the first time we've eaten there in the winter.  It seemed to be pretty much the same except they enclosed the patio area.

We got some good heron pictures this time.  They seemed more patient than normal.