Glacier Park Video 2006

Return to Glacier NP 2006
This is pictures of our Glacier Park trip set to music.  The music used is shown below the video.  I know there's an error in the first picture.  After that shows the drive from East Glacier.  Recorded at 320x240 and played at 480x360 to allow it be be viewed larger (but not sharper).

Songs used in the video with links to Artists
Singer Song Album
David Walburn Montana Time Montana: Life Under the Big Sky
David Walburn Goodnight Montana Montana: Life Under the Big Sky
John Denver Sunshine on my Shoulders Poems Prayers and Promises
Randy Peterson Yellowstone Morning The Sounds of Yellowstone
David Walburn Going to the Sun Road Montana: Life Under the Big Sky
Banana Slug String Band Moose Going Wild in Yellowstone and the Tetons
Randy Petersen - Bill Mize Alpenglow Going to the Sun
Randy Petersen - Bill Mize Going to the Sun Going to the Sun