Greenbrier River Trail

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Sharps Tunnel


The Greenbrier River Trail is part of the Rails to Trails program.  It used to be a railroad bed running from Cass to North Caldwell.  Its about 75 miles long to the parking lot in North Caldwell loses around 220 feet in elevation during that stretch.  There's two train tunnels on the trail and it gets pretty dark in them so you'll want a light.  Since we were there, the trail has become a West Virginia State Park.

To ride the entire trail requires a little planniing in my opinion.  You need to figure out how many days you will need.  We did it in 3 days.  You need to determine if you want to camp along the trail or find other places to stay.  There are camp sites on the trail but not many.  You need to consider that they may be occupied when you get there.  We had a sheet showing mileages, points of interest and camping areas with us.  You can find that information on this web site.  Look at the map and pass the mouse over the circled numbers.  They show mileages and other information for that stretch.

We've made this ride on two occasions.  If you want to read about them or see pictures, check the buttons at the top.  We tried to show what the trail looks like.  We were camping and you may notice the bikes were loaded down.  Both times we started the trip in Cass and left the car in North Caldwell.  We found folks to ferry us to Cass.  That part worked out well.