Grinnell Glacier Melts Away

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Grinnell  Glacier




In July, 2006, we visited Glacier National Park and were able to visit Grinnell Glacier.  Its one of the most beautiful hikes I've been on but the glacier isn't impressive.  There simply isn't much left.  I wouldn't have known it was a glacier if we hadn't been told.  I have no doubt that we're going through global warming but hadn't seen it graphically quite like this. 

This page and the pictures aren't a political statement.  I just thought it would be interesting to show the changes over the years.  I don't have any answers for global warming but maybe we should start looking.

The pictures are from three sources.  The black and white ones are from the United States Geological Survey.  They have archived many pictures from around the country.  The two obvious satellite pictures are from Google Earth.  The remaining color pictures are taken by me in July.

Look at the pictures starting at the first one and going next through them.  That's the best way to see the changes since 1901.  There's a black seam across the wall that you can use as a reference.  Text below the pictures tries to explain what you're seeing.