Northern Pony Herd

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Northern pony

The Northern herd on Assateague requires that you burn some calories to see them.  They're in a pretty location but a long walk away.  As you go around the wildlife loop to the left, you come to a dirt road with a gate.  If you walk up that road, you will almost always find ponies.  The problem is that they are about 4 miles away from the parking lot.  That's an 8 mile round trip for the math challenged.

You can't ride bikes.  You can't drive there.  You can't even paddle your kayak there and land on the beach.  You will see 2 kayaks in some of the pictures.  They're ours and we were there out of ignorance.  We moved them and left as soon as the ranger pointed out the error of our ways.  All this comes down to the fact that there is no easy way to see these ponies.

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