Caye Caulker 2007 Video Intro

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Over the years we have taken our bigger trips and made DVDs out of the pictures.  We normally do this for ourselves and show our friends what the trip was like.  Its a lot simpler than finger prints all over prints.

We're finding that we have friends all over the world that would also like to see the video.  This is an attempt to do that.  If you really want to know what you're seeing, you probably should stick with the pictures but you may enjoy this anyway. 

The sound track depends on what I think of and where we are.  On Caye Caulker, its a steady diet of Jim Morris.  He goes to San Pedro more than Caye Caulker but his music fits Caye Caulker very well.  Every year he takes a group of fans to San Pedro for concerts and good times.

Please don't download the video since I don't own the rights to any of the music.  The pictures, on the other hand, are all mine.   If you like the music, look at the links below the video and visit the artist's website. 

As an experiment, I've tried using Microsoft's Silverlight to do the video's.  It gives me a reasonable picture but shows it larger.  The problem is that if you don't have Silverlight on your computer, you'll have to download silverlight and install it to see the larger version.  No penalty if you decline to load it.  The smaller version can be found by clicking the button above.  The larger Silverlight version of the video is here.  Your choice.